…a choice!

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What if you go your own way? Many people will be disappointed! But if you go their way, you will be disappointed. What would you choose? To live your life or to live their life?

You…dont know!

There is a weigh on your shoulder to which you are responsible to carry. Nobody knows how that feels! To not be able to choose!

You’d been in love for so long, which you didnt realise until the day it ended! You had to let go, because again you cannot choose, or in fact love didnt choose you! For so long, you’d been restlessly devoting to someone you truly believed was the only one, in the context of friendship, never did you realise the only one you’d loved! Always tried to keep yourself behind that line but had not known that the line was already too far behind you. You stepped over subconscously. You did try to run backward but it was so useless that you had to learn to forget. For the first time in your life you’d known forgetting someone was the most hurtful thing that a human life had to endure. Such pain was tremendously awful. Yet you had to do it, because you could not choose! Your heart became numb as it was trained to be! You…were insensitive!

Tried to run in many ways! You found your heart beating again with someone else! Different! For an instance you thought, the person was perfect, and perfect for you! The perfection in which you believed was beautifully composed to make such a heartful, thoughtful, caring person! Yes, for that short period of time of reconciling, you’d been attracted to that perfection! However fate did not lead you to that happiness. Fate was playing game, and you saw yourself seating on the losing chair. Of course you had to lose, because the painful truth was that you could not choose! The feeling again had to go to drain. You had to forget even though deep down within, this strong feeling had already rooted in you. It was too strong that you had to stop yourself from cherrishing the very little memory that you had. Shame!

You cannot choose, from the start to the end because you never give yourself a choice. You cannot choose because you havent even chosen for yourself the path to walk on. You cannot choose because you’re so afraid to disappoint the people who dont know you, who want you to live their life. You cannot choose because you always run away from that choice, the choice of who you were born to become!

Mot ngay thang 3!

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Tao nhớ mày!

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Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao đếm được bao nhiêu ngày, bao nhiêu đêm tao và mày ko một liên lạc.
ừ thì nó dài thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao có thể suy nghĩ lại tất cả những gì đã trải qua giữa tao và mày!
ừ thì ko nhiều thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao biết được rằng trong lòng tao đang có một khoảng trống ko nhỏ cũng ko to nhưng cũng khiến tao thấy “trống”!
ừ thì nó “trống” thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao nhận thấy rằng”khoảng cách” giữa tao và mày đặt ra có thể lấp được chỉ cần có thêm thời gian gặp nhau!
ừ thì nó khó thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để  tao biết tao cần mạnh mẽ trong suy nghĩ hơn và thoải mái với mọi chuyện như mày đã như vậy!
ừ thì nó rắc rối thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao có thể ngồi trước máy tính hàng giờ đồng hồ đễ đọc đi ,đọc lại dòng entry mày viết, những chuyện mà trước đây tao ko hề để ý.!
ừ thì nó lạ thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao có thể bỏ qua những cuộc trò chuyện cùng những người bạn online khác để lục tung “ngôi nhà” của mày cùng với mấy tấm hình!
ừ thì “nhà” mày bừa bộn thật…

Tao nhớ mày!
đủ để tao nhận thấy rằng tao cần mày biết nhường nào!
ừ thì tao nói thật!
và cuối cùng…
tao nhớ mày đủ để tao có thể đến tìm gặp mày…
tao nhớ mày!
đơn giản chỉ là nỗi nhớ mà tao sẽ không mang ra “chào” mày!

Dear God,
please give me strength to carry on!

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Xin loi!
Lam u khoc!

Lua chon van la mot lua chon!
Khong the van la khong the!

Mong u hieu!
Dung buon!

Noi kho cua mi la u!
Ly do cua mi cung la u!

Mi dau,
Thay u khoc!

U se hieu, lua chon cua mi, chi la mot su giai thoat.

Cho du…se ra sao di nua, mi van se chon…lam ban cua u!

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on one hand you’re looking for closeness, on the other you’re looking for closure.

nobody cares!

you cant run from what you are, from who you are, from the person you try not to be. you feel sorry…for your own life!

you become a mess that visible to everybody. you try to cover with lies, lies that will only kill you.

you feel your chest heavy every morning.

you let it be!

you picture the same story in your head…which, is destroying the nature of you humanity.

again, you cant resist the temptation of its cause. it doesnt feel good but it’s addictive.

you’re jealous, but you dont have a good reason to be

you deny that fact because you assume it will destroy what you tried to build.

howver, denial already destroy more than what you’ve tried to build.

you sing along with a song and wonder why it makes so much sense. its just the way you feel it. you feel sad! but so what, you’ll never feel happier anyway. Your wish has driven you to a place where you completely lost the sense of direction. You have no idea where you’re heading.

hopelessly you cant be bothered to pick up the broken little pieces that used to hold you together. you fall! so what if you fall? you’ll never stand up high again anyway. because you dont believe anymore.

Fate is fake, fate is hypocrite. fate is a lie. fate misleads you. fate blinds you. fate hurts you. fate disappoints you. fate let you down. because for that entire time, you believe in fate. believe in the definite encounter that fate brings. but what now? what is fate? is fate still fate anymore?

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