April 07, 2007

Posted: April 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Easter Break started well with Tess’s birthday. It was at one of the park at Homebush (cant remember the name). The wind was strong, and it was raining a little bit, but the day was a great fun. We had BBQ and played some games, took pictures, joked around. It’s been quite a long time, i havent seen MRS gangs, so i kinda missed them a lot. Oh yea i forgot, we had Easter swap as last year. I had Chia Mei this year, so i bought her a bunny and some cute bunny faces. The guy Jackson (the “new chick = Callie” ‘s friend), he got me and he gave me an egg box. It’s quite yummy hehe. The birthday cake was good as well. The funniest part was when we play Chicken (chicken, mother chicken and wolf). I fell once, that Jackson guy was a huge wolf and Richard was the worst chicken mother…lolz. It was so damn fun and we were running like kids.

That was yesterday, Easter Friday. Today, me Tam and anh Hai went to Wollongong with my whole family. How do i start to describe it? It was sunny on the morning, but when we got to Wollongong, it was raining hard. God likes to play around heh. It was so windy and cold. We had to stay in the car for a while. Then we decided to go somewhere else, but again we lost each other on the way and we ended up going home early today. I dont know what to say, it was really bad. Everyone is tired after we got home. The 3 of us went shopping for a while and went to eat Bun Bo Hue (my favourite 😀 ). The day was real bad, but it was fun joking around and skipping out of Sydney for one day.

I have a habit of answering other’s question the opposite way of what i think and feel. I dont know why i do that. I just feel, telling the real answer would make people misunderstand sometimes, even though its a wrong thing to assume. But yea, if it really happens, i think its gonna be a hard time for me. Hopefully, my sentiment wont kill me after all. And here it is …” I do, I will…very very much…”.

Oh there are lots of Twins pix these days. I do like them cos i like Gillian a lot…that leads to Twins…hehe…but now i have a reasonable reason, i like them cos i really admire their friendships. So hopefully, this is not something so virtual.


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