May 24, 2007

Posted: May 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

…you danced with the song that has became my favourite. It’s touching. You sang an old song that has made me addicted .You had “one thing” that I truly admire. I wonder…whether i have what i wanted to have or not. I wonder if that was really something that existed or just my imagination. I wonder if it ever belongs to me.

…you have what i admire to have, what i thought i had, but do i really have it like the way you have it? I tried…very hard! Was it just a “payback” or was it really meant to be? I appreciated every single minute that was existed, but was it really real? Was it seen? Was it touched?…I dont know…

…you came with remarkable stories, stories about your life, stories about you, stories with one thing you’ve seen the most recently, stories that are admired by me. It touched me because I thought I once had such stories. I once had what you have. My belief was strong, my will towards it was energetic, and yet…have I ever truly owned it?…like the way you owned yours? Was it circumstances that has given you the opportunity or was it a real intention? Mine was a real intention, childish but true and real.

…you have what i call “precious”. Assure me that it is really real, let me know you never faked it around. I admire you, admire what you have…the thing that im not sure if i ever had it, the thing that i always wish to have. Don’t give up on it, you took long enough to build trust, make it last. Because thats what i hope for. Be there for “it”, play your part…play the part from your heart…it’s never a waste!

…you can make me proud, you can make me stay…you just have to try…you just have to make it through…and you can do it!!!!!!


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