The Renderring

Posted: June 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

uhm…a little bit of the rendering story

It was yesterday when i started my render for the final animation. When it went to frame 42th, it stopped. I was freaked out, cos i have 1100 frames. I thought the computer was crashed, but no it wasnt. Then i sat there, head almost got fired…then realised it might be the capacity of the Z drive that was full. So..i went to check the size of each image. It was 1729 MB each, and my animation has 1100 frames, so it was goona be 1100 images, would probable take away 2GB of disk space. So there it was, the Z drive is not even near 2GB. So i moved the whole project folder to D drive, finally it started renderring again.

Took so much time to render, more than 10 hours. I left it in the lab with a heavy heart. If the computer got crashed or someone accidentally touched it, I’d be dead, just simply dead. So i was almost sleepless last night, praying for the renderring to go through. This morning, came to uni freaking early and thankz goodness, the renderring finished, no crash, no accident…wat a relief.

Then, there came another breathtaking moment. When the final movie file’s been exported, the shadow of the character which stay in the air for quite sometime was seen so obviously, making the animation looks “trouble”. It was such a “trouble”. I got all pieces of music sorted out greatly, and the synchronisation between the animation and the song seemed good, but the SHADOW, what a kllier.

So, there, lab 313, still doing my 2 other renderrings. It’s always like that every single time. When thing about to finish, problem comes. It comes as if it is welcomed to come…when it is so not welcomed to come at such moment. Luckily, still have one more day.

Anywayz, already got the files on cd. At least there’s one backup.


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