Author TJ of the novel “NARAKA 19” talked about the Movie: Most Satisfied With Gillian Chung

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Originated from best-seller novel, “Naraka 19”, the film, “Naraka 19” will be premiering on August 28th. On August 21st, XinWenWong made an interview with the author, Tsai Jin, in ShangHai. Tsai Jin expressed that despite he feels a bit helpless towards the arrangement of details in the film, he still feels that this is a film that is worth for people to walk into the theatre to watch.

The Film Differs From The Novel:

XinWenWong: Hello, Tsai Jin. What kind of differences are there with your novel and the film, “Naraka 19”?

Tsai Jin: The film and the novel are highly different. Films express content from images, yet novels express with words. You can never compare the two.

XWW: Did you see the film? Are there any places that you specifically feel are different?

TJ: The first different thing is that the novel has the story’s setting in ShangHai, yet the film has moved it to Hong Kong. The arrangement and sequence is different from the novel; it feels a little loose. Those who have seen the novel would know that the story has someone sacrificed in the end, but perhaps because films are needed to be sent in for rating, therefore the ending was brought to a “everyone’s happy” sort of ending. I feel very helpless towards that. However, the characters, content of the SMS messages, SMS numbers are identical to the novel.

Gives The Film 80%:

XWW: Are you satisfied with the film? If 100% is the highest, what would you give?

TJ: After viewing the film, I am quite satisfied with the film. If 100% is the highest, then I’d give 80%. It is impossible to have a film and a novel be identical. Where did I deduct the 20% from? One is because the narration isn’t clear enough, and the other is because in the end, the two people who were sacrificed in the novel were revived for no reason in the film.

Most Satisfied With Gillian Chung:

XWW: How would you comment on the performances of the cast?

TJ: I am most satisfied with Gillian Chung’s performance. The first reason is because her image is very close with the character, “Rain”, from the novel. Then, after I saw the film itself, I felt that her acting is superb. Each and every part of her role was handled very well; it was grasped just right at every moment. In the film, my favourite scene was when Ko Yuan (Jones) put a scarf around her neck; it was very warm and sweet.

Translated by Little_Purple_Bell / Credit AF

Im thrilled, impressive G, keep up!!!!!!!!!!!


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