a dream, an old friend

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Uncategorized


….it was nowhere,

….it was dark and humid, the electricity ran out, there was no light,

….there were just tables in a the middle of a yard, we were sitting a math test, my close friends (5Qs) were around me, just like the old time.

…another flashback. We had results back

….2nd part first; only got 31 something out of 40, it was the worst mark i’d ever had. “Mum is going to kill me” i thought.

….my teacher was teasing me, saying how bad I did, I was laughing and joking with her that because there was no light, so I got the numbers wrong. 5Qs laughed with me.

….then the first part, I saw 110, I was like “is there a 110%” to the teacher?” She laughed and said “are you ok? there’s no such mark”. Then I looked at the paper again and this time I saw I got 100%.

….5Q were around me, the old time…we had fun…we shared…we played.

….we never hesitated, never being aware, things only kids could do. But to me, we were more than just kids.

….we had a strong spirit, spirit of a group, of a team, we had passion.

….we understood that judgement wouldn’t help one way or another, but act was all we needed. ….we knew where to stop and where to begin.

….we were free spirits, so free to make it so strong.

…another flash. Saw myself sitting at my front house, in Vietnam, with a few neighbours and a very old friend. We were talking about something

….I looked at my old friend, I was surprised she was there.

….she was just sitting there, looking at us talking. Sometimes she smiled at me then looked away. Sometimes she said something to make herself visible, but went quiet again.

….I glanced at her a couple of times while talking, just out curiosity if she was noticing and listening. She always looked away when she caught my eyes.

….after another a long glance, I realised, I almost forgot the reason why I wanted to be friend with her in the first place.

….she looked pretty and cute, a lovely face with very defined features, very simple attraction, but yet, so captivating.

….she was one of my close friends in primary school. Such a long time to remember, and don’t even remember how we became friends.

….she was very impressive, someone that I won’t ever forget.

…3rd flash, playing some games with the neighbours, in front of the house.

…ran back inside the house, my old friend was still sitting there alone by herself looking very comfortable, just like she didn’t want anyone to bother her loneliness. I tried to be loud to make her noticed my presence. She did actually, but all I could get from her was a little smile on her face.

…the presence of an old friend made me wondering. I never thought of her much since I came here, for 7 years. But in that dream, her image was so clear and real. Sometimes, a dream came so unexpectedly, but so clear, that any sort of imagination can never bring. The look, it was controlled and it was felt.


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