…more compliment for GG on Naraka 19…

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

” TJ’s blog:

Yesterday afternoon, I was with the media sources watching the soon to be premiering “Naraka 19”. This is my first time watching the final product of the film.

I hope that everyone, after watching “Naraka 19”, will notice the subtitles appearing at the end of the film, stating, “Sourced from Tsai Jin’s Novel, “Naraka 19″.”

The beginning of the film is a scene that appeared in my novel. Eva (Maggie) sent a SMS message to Rain (Gillian), for her to go to the ‘Ghost Building’ and take a picture for her. The portrayer of Rain, Gillian Chung, when she appears on the screen, she brightens up everyone’s eyes. Her appearance in the film is quite suitable for the image of Rain in my novel. We can say that there is no other actress who can play Rain but her. Two years ago, when the novel, “Naraka 19”, first came out, many of my readers reflected that Ah Giu from Twins should be the one to portray Rain, if it was ever filmed. Director Carol Lai’s decision for Gillian Chung to be the female lead is more suitable than ever.

Continuing on is that each character name is the same with the novel, and most importantly, the combination of 741111 = HELL is also of my creation. The events afterwards, before the film officially premieres, forgive me that I cannot reveal anymore of it. Let’s have the suspicion be cleared within the theatres.

After watching the film, and when the reporters interviewed me, I definitely complimented on Gillian Chung’s performance. I believe that she is the brightest point of the whole film. No matter if it’s her image, temperament, or her performance, it all suited Rain very well. Especially when there was a scene, when the male lead put a scarf around her within his art studio, her bashful expression along with her big eyes, wanting to look at him, yet she could not look him in the eye. . . She was so beautiful and so implicit. She brought Rain to life in that scene. That small little scene deeply touched my heart. I just have to say that Gillian Chung is a great actress.

As for the other cast of “Naraka 19”, Patrick Tam’s performance was quite moderate. As for Shaun Tam, acting as Yip Siu, the police officer, I want to mention that this is the second time that “Yip Siu” has entered a film product. My new novel also will have this character included.

Coincidentally, I came across Gillian Chung’s blog about “Naraka 19”. Her latest entry made us all very happy, and she also mentioned my new novel, “Tian Ji”, which is about to release.

Thank you for Gillian’s congratulating. I also hope that the road of her entertainment career will be broad and smooth. I also hope that “Rain” can continue to meet up with Gillian Chung because in several more of my novels, Rain will appear again. When these novels are filmed, Gillian Chung will always be the first choice on the cast lists.”

Translated by Little_Purple_Bell/ Credit AF

Wow…speechless, cant wait for the movie to be released….so eager to check out how good it can be…Way to go G…


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