August 31, 2007

Posted: August 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Processing film

1st time doing it by myself. What an incredible experience.
Got into the darkroom, took out the film. This was easier this time, since I knew how to do it properly using the can opener. But when I rolled it into the reel, it was a nightmare. I was afraid that each layers of the film would touch one another when it was in the reel, so I had to un-rolled it 3 times to make sure it was in right. It was totally dark, so it was hard to know whether the film was in right. I worried that I would ruin the film if I did 1 step wrong. All of my afford would be down the drain if that happened.
After rolling up the film into the reel for the third time, I put it into the developing tank and closed it carefully before starting to process it.

The chemical part was even much scarier. There were 4 types of chemicals to be applied: the developer, the stop bath, the fixer and the hypo. Developer needed the longest time (8mins) and had to be at the right temperature (20*C). The total process needed about 30 mins. Along the way, I was supposed to put the developing tank under running water for 1 min before applying the hypo, but I forgot, and I was freaked out. I didn’t know what would happen to the film. These processes were complicated because of the timing and the agitating. Each min, I had to agitate the developing tank for 10 secs, the 1st 30 secs and the last 30 secs. So that made me forgot that step. But fortunately, the film wasn’t ruined. When I dried it, I was so relieved to see it was all right, and it looked fairly good this time comparing to the 1st one.

Processing film was the most interesting thing I’ve never done before. It’s freaking scary, but the feeling after you got the film out, dried it and saw the negative appearing so right, just made me so happy, and very relieved, to be honest. Another unforgettable moment was when doing the rolling in the total darkness. All I could do was trying to touch and feel. It felt suffocated though, just like no air to breathe, but it was fun.


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