September 05, 2007

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hom wa la mot ngay dien kinh khung. I’m sure i’m playing a game with God. He’s a very amusing guy, he loves to trick, he loves to challenge and he loves to humiliate me. He loves all that, especially when I’m totally un-aware. Thank you for giving me such a hard life. I’m learning to love it. And most of all, thank you so damn much for giving me another chance to step on my mistake again, so i can feel its damage once more. I never thought and believed I would stuck myself in between again, like this, this way, this shit. But you brought me to it, for the second time, I truly appreciate your effort.

I feel uneasy and i know, so do they. I thought west, but they thought east and apparently that led us nowhere. It’s too late to make a U-turn, isnt it? It’s too late. Everthing happened so fast, it was so fast, that I couldn’t even realize, it was so wrong to give a “nod”. Let me screw it up this time, he loves to see me like this, and I love to see myself screwing up, yes, unfortunately that’s the part i love the most about my life!!!!

  1. Vitik says:

    oh dear, r u okay??? wat happened? feel free to talk to me if u need sum1 to talk to…
    take care of urself

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