September 12, 2007

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uhmmm…it was fortunate that things didnt turn out the way it was thought to be…instead, it turned out quite well. Somehow, things seem to understand the situation, and i didnt have to be set in between with guilt, like it was yrs ago.

…oh, camping, take me awhile to review a rainy trip. Yes, it was raining, hard…but it was the most fun part of the trip. It was pouring on the way to the Entrance, but when we got there, the sun came up. It was so warm and delightful. How lucky. Our camp site was next to the bank of a river, how romantic. It was such a beautiful scenery. There was a little duck family walked up and down the river, so damn cute.

we started to set up the tent. It was the most fun part, cos no one knew how to set up a tent. So we just pulled everything out and tried to put them into places. That was my cousin tent, so i kinda remembered what to start with. And yes, we got it up rightfully. A few friends helped me with it. We were all so excited. Working as a team was always good. I couldnt stop laughing everytime we made mistakes or got the part into the right place. The whole point was “to try and be patient”. We did try hard and we were patient. Finally we finished the setting up perfectly. I was so so happy, that was my first time setting up a tent and it was quite big by the way. We were very happy.

…after that we help the others to set up another tent, that one was easy and small, so it didnt take long. We had lunch later on and went to another area for fishing. The day finished with raining on and off constantly. We had “lau thai” for dinner. It was good, cooked by ba` Tam. We gathered in my tent (cos it was the warmest keke), talked and played card, then went to sleep. Goodness me, it was so windy that night, that’s why i couldnt sleep at all. Staying awake till the morning, and fell asleep for a bit until 7 something. The morning sun was so beautiful, the river was so peaceful. Such a perfect picture!

Just about to pack up the tent, it was pouring hard again, and this time, everyone was all wet. I have never had such a interesting trip before in my life. We had to pack the tent up while it was raining, but with many helps, it was quick.

When everything was ready in our cars. We drove off to another place. Rent a little boat and went fishing again. Amazing eh…never been in a boat like this before, so it was a great exprience. We caught only 1 fish, by Chi Khuong (2 nguoi dan ong fish het 2 ngay, ko co con ca nao, Chi Khuong moi xuong 5 phut, dinh 1 con…ngau ghe, khong ho danh phu nu thoi nay…hihi). Last, but not least, we had BBQ before returning to Sydney.

What a trip, everything was a great exprience. I loved it, very enjoyable, interesting, relaxing, peaceful, beautiful, fun, cold, sleepless, raining, windy…and most importantly…lots of laughs…great trip!!!!

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that tent behind the blue one is my lovely tent, our great work of setting it up hehehe


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