Posted: September 25, 2007 in Uncategorized
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…watch Gillian in action…ai nhao vo, bi wanh phu mo…
she might look small, but be aware!!!!
i’m mesmerised by this, wish i could have a bit of it…so i can go around, scared people off 😀
she doesnt have any official training but most of the stunt she did it herself. Wonder why i know?…I have my own sources…so trust me!!!!
ngoi bun bun, coi ba ni danh dam cung vui vui…
anywayz, if an action movie like this, doesnt come with a cheesy story line, it would be so much better.
…uhm, just realised, today is Wednesday. I’m not very fond of Wednesday and it doesnt like me much. This week is a mid sem break, BUT someone has to come to uni for a lecture and tutorial, AND group meeting on the morning. I’m glad!!!! Anywayz…feeling comfortable sitting in the lab, better sitting at home

  1. Lovegil says:

    ^^ hi , cho minh hoi doan phim tren la trong phim nao vay, reply cho minh nhe, thanks much, iu Gill wa chung

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