Gillian Chung – The Happiness of Traveling

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Eye Platinum X Gillian Chung – The Happiness of Traveling

Having a planned vacation to other places regularly is a reward for many youngsters after their laborious hard work. It is also a chance to widen their horizons, and to relax their emotions. Being a diva of the singing and acting industry, Gillian Chung has stepped foot onto countless places along the world map. Therefore, let us be taken on a traveling experience of this traveling expert of spreading our eyes out to a memorable experience.

F: Gillian

M: What do you think the happiness of traveling is?
G: The happiness of traveling is, of course, that I can take a break. It allows me to temporarily leave my work behind and enjoy true resting and relaxation time.

M: Which countries/cities have you been to for traveling?
G: Counting my fingers, it turns out that the number of countries that I’ve been to isn’t little at all. It includes Japan, America, Canada, Malaysia, Britain, Switzerland, different areas of China, and Taiwan, etc. . .

M: Of the many countries, which do you like the most? Why?
G: Britain! The feeling that it gives me is very comfortable. It’s very enjoyable and relaxing. After that would be Switzerland because the sceneries there are enchanting; you are able to see ponds everywhere you look. It’s very attractive. Also, I quite like Taiwan. Besides having many friends there that I met from work, the delicious foods there are something that I can’t pass over because of my great affection for food!

M: How would you plan each traveling trip?
G: Actually, I never plan a specific schedule for my vacations, or because I usually go with friends and old classmates, so I generally let them plan it with no worries! Therefore, I think choosing a suitable traveling partner is more important than a traveling schedule.

M: Do you have any special, memorable traveling experiences?
G: Recently, Twins were in America and Canada for concerts. When I was in Canada, I saw two rainbows appearing simultaneously; I couldn’t refrain myself from amazement, so I kept wow-ing at it. Everyone was teasing me that I was acting like a kid! In New York, I have also finally been able to go to the Broadway theatre to watch a musical; it had been always been a dream to me!

M: Do you have any habits of buying presents for friends?
G: I have always tried noticing what each of my friends like and prefer, so whenever I am out traveling, I would pick out suitable gifts for them from what I feel looks and feels right for them.

M: When you’re out traveling, which things do you HAVE to have with you?
G: Yes! I need to have a digital camera because I want to be able to take snapshots at any place and time. Of course, I need credit cards as well because I can bring less cash and save up more points on credit! Also, chapsticks and jackets are also my good partners on travel.

M: When studying in Australia, have you been to any famous places for vacation?
G: I was studying in Melbourne at the time, and the most memorable time was when I rode in a car for 11 hours to Sydney for a vacation, alone. The must go-s are definitely the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

M: Tokyo, Bangkok, Taipei, Macau are always places favoured by Hong Kong people; what kind of impression do you have of them?
G: First speaking of Tokyo, it is the heaven for shopping. Hence, besides floating up “crazily shopping”, my brain also drifts towards of the words of “so tired”! Bangkok is really hot, extremely sizzling! As for Taipei, of course my thoughts can’t pull away from the friends and workers that I have collaborated with, and the little treats during the markets at night are making me drool already! As for Macau, haha, my first thought runs to the EEG hotel because we have just filmed the MV of “Love Blitz” there earlier!

M: If you had one month of a break, where would you like to go? Why?
G: I actually have always wanted to go to America for dancing courses. If I really had one month of a break, then I would use this time wisely to take some advancement courses in America, and to have a feeling of the different culture there to widen the horizon of my views.

…Gill gian ho, drive from Mel to Syd…alone…11 hours…???? Freaked me out…


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