October 25, 2007

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Today, another Wednesday, but it seemed different from other wednesdays. I had my final presentation for Web Art & Design this afternoon. It went ok, even though my heart sting like hell (the ever unsolved matter), but i managed to go through. Uhm, i dont know why, usualy at the end of the semester, the bond of the people in the class seemed to be closer than during semester time. Well, it’s not hard to understand, because at the end of sem, everyone feels relieved because they’re about to finish the subject anyway. They’ve just been exetremely friendly, or is it just me who’s feeling that way? I always stick my head toward the computer trying to work things out, i didnt take a chance to look around at my classmates. So maybe i didnt see the good part of it, until the last day. What a waste.

It’s suddendly raining today. I’m running out of words to describe Australian weather.

There’s another thing, uhm…i dun know how to put it…thing that used to happen alot in the past, but lately it doesnt seem to be around that much. But today, it came back unexpectedly. I feel happy towards its happenning. Because a part of me, misses it very much. It’s just a mutual thing, nothing special at all, but somehow, it makes me damn happy, knowing that, a part of “that matter” still remains truthfully.

“I’m taking my feet out of your shoes, but knowing my eyes will always watch out for you”

  1. chanhvb says:

    ey~, cai’ blog nay` co’ nhieu emotion wa’ ta!!!hehe, nhat’ la cau cuoi’, dang noi’ ve me ah??? lay^’ dep’ me mang hoi^` nao` vay. ba`? wanh’ chit’ bay gio*`

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