November 07, 2007

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1 nam hoc cua tui…da “bien”. 30 tuan ma cu nhu 30 ngay. 30 tuan do co nhung gi, mang lai nhung gi va mang di nhung gi? 1 dieu quan trong la, no da mang lai 30 tuan song co muc dich, co cai gi do de lam, de lo, de buc boi, de nong nay, de cho doi, de hoi hop, de nhuc dau, de “risk”…va de co gang.

come back to Des. Comp. a year, what did it bring me?… A lot. I never knew i like to do it that much if i didnt do Nuc. Med. last year. Isnt life interesting? I start to love this part so much. Yes, Des. Comp. with Photography, with 3D animation, with Digital Video, with Web Art, with Sound, with Processing…to be honest, some of these subjects, i didnt learn much, mostly because i’ve never done, and used the tools before, so obviously, i needed to stick to the basic all the time, and that limited a lot. But, at least, i learnt the basic.

having so many problems with Programming, Processing…and Sound, except Pro Tools, Pro Tools is cool (i’ll get to know you, buddy!). But yea, what i learnt was very interesting, what these programs could create were enormous and amazing. They just got to my nerve, that the tools were so hard to used. Processing required lots of coding, which, indeed, gave me a nightmare. And out of no where, it used the concept of Evolution from Darwin to apply into Programming. My class had so much fun brainstorming Biology while coding. But yea, Genetic Algorithm is useful for design, i dont argue with that. It gave such fabulous results and very unpredictable. As for Sonification, 2 hrs lecture at 9am, every Tuesday, i couldnt bare, but fell asleep everytime and i sat on the front row. Such a joke! We studied sound and yes, it relates a bit to physic, like wavefront, frequency, amplitude…and oh yes, i hate these things the most. I only enjoyed Pro Tools, it’s used to mix different sound and create new sound, very interesting.

then, how were my electives?

they’re all good subjects. Of course i enjoyed Photography the most, but it doesn’t mean i took best pictures. I learnt a lot from the course. I loved processing film even though it was the scariest part out of all. One mistake, and everything’d be ruined. But each and everytime, when i finished washing the film with the chemicals, seeing the pictures on the negative, i just wanted to fly. It made me damn happy. It just amazed me somehow. Then waiting for the film to dry, cutting it out and developing the proofsheet, seeing how the photo looked like. It was just a great process. Printing photographs was fun too, now i know how to mix the chemicals. There was once, i came to the darkroom by myself, cos i needed extra time to finish my work. It was a…very…scary experience. I really needed to get over my fear to step in there by myself and do my work. I was scared, yes i was. But after a while i got used to it, and i found out it was so good working alone in there cos i could get a lot of work done. It was quite relaxing cos i had everything to myself.

3D animation was my 2nd favourite. Thing is, it was damn hard, cos i had to deal with Maya. Remembering the time to had to do every single keyframe for my final project, i am really amazed. I spent almost 5 weeks for it, and i had to do double classes in order to keep up with the tutorials. I had so much fun worrying for this subject. My little animation made me so happy when i finished it. It wasnt something amazing or fancy, it was jsut very simple, but i was very happy with it. At last i could do something properly, my way, using Maya. YES!

Web Art, uhm…i had difficulty when deciding whether to do this subject or not. Everyone said, the teacher is super hard and he expects a lot. Bam sinh, ghet nhat may nguoi day it ma doi hoi nhiu, nen luong lu ko bit co nen chon mon nay hog. Luc do dang ngoi trong phong, tu nhien nhin len tuong, nhin mat “cai ba kia” roi quyet dinh chon luon. Ba nay co “power” manh ghe, lolz. That ra thi, chon mon hoc la so thich cua minh. Nguoi ta noi gi thi noi, con chuyen hoc duoc hay ko la do minh thoi. Voi lai cung muon hoc Web Design mot chut de biet. Cho nen, “took the risk”. Hoc voi ong thay do 13 tuan, thay moi nguoi noi cung dung. But everything he expected was reasonable. This relates to Art and Design, so thing should be done with a clear concept and how well that concept should be presented. He was actually very dedicated towards all students. So it was totally ok to be in his class, not very much pressure.

Digital Video…i regreted i didnt learn Final Cut probably. But the class was very enjoyable. Most of the time, we went out, filming, actually experimenting filming. I didnt do any part for the final editting and thats what i regreted about. Final Cut is my dream. I would definitely try to learn the software, the freaken thing is, it only runs on Mac. Should i buy a Mac?, Yes i should. No i shouldnt, it’s like $2000. Im dead poor!

yup, that was my 30 weeks at uni…i gained so much, didnt i? But a part from that, i think i did lose something that’s very important too. However…let it be a secret


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