November 23, 2007

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

im having bad days, really bad days…

i got used to the bad and good cycle, but for this one, i was pissed off by a very little matter. Well, no, its not that little, because i spent years to collect and keep it.

sometimes i wonder…why my mom keeps saying how she worries about me, trying to keep me under her eyes, not to let me go out after 5, keep me in the house like a freak. But that small, lilttle thing, she couldn’t even keep it for me. It’s really small, small like an asshole…but it means so much to me. She knows that, she knows it so well….and she let it all became ashes. I dont know who to believe anymore. Im fucking laughing my ass out. Damn it. I really am pissed. I’m tired, and sick…for all the matters…this is a pain in the ass. I will never forget it. I wont, that’s a promise. That fucken nephew in VN, if i ever can, i’ll kick his ass into the trash. He’s a damn real pain in the ass.

fuck, this holiday’s starting to get worse!

  1. watermelon says:

    hey bé… are u ok??? wow there are so many swear in ur entry… chuyen gi cung co cach giai quyet ok??? if u want a hand, get a knife and chop mine off, and u’ll have it

  2. watermelon says:

    yeah roi roi hieu roi, doc lai lan thu hai thi hieu Thu dang pissed off chuyen gi roi … thoi dung gian nua, an co ve vn an dem qua cho thu cai bo doremon cua anh, ko co du bo, nhung ma cung nhieu lam… dung gian noi mun nghen be

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