December 22, 2007

Posted: December 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

…con` 2 ngay nua moi toi ngay minh “chui” ra cai cuoc doi khon kho nay…nhug 2 hom truoc da duoc 2 cai birthday parties. Co ai hoi tui vui hog?…tui khong vui…ma tui thay hanh phuc vo cung, tui khong vui…tai vi tui khong biet dien ta niem vui do ra sao nua….ui’ sao hom nay tui “se^’n” nhu con oc’ sen^ vay ne…

first of all, thank you so much PATT (dang le la PATTT, including me, nhug do bthd cua tui, nen tru tui ra :D) and JJM…for giving me such a surprised, warm birthday this year. U guys totally got me 🙂 this time, YAY! I had great fun, delicious food and a very warm, sweet atmosphere, surrounded by you guys and girls :). I love you, girls (not the guys, they’re all taken, ko love duoc, mac cong bi chem’).


second of all, to my MRS friends, thank you so much for taking out time and going out for dinner with me. I’ve never had such a birthday like this before. It was not embarassing but, just a lil too much attention :D. I bet I rocked that restaurant that night hehe. No, just kidding haha. I really enjoyed it, just wish I could’ve spent a lil more time with you though. But our lil talk at Darling Harbour was fun, and I had good laughs there and good pictures too. It’s gonna be unforgettable because the “45kgs me” couldn’t be carried by the 7 of you. It was hurt, a little bit. Next time, don’t drop me like that ok, its gonna hurt like hell . I’ll miss you guys. Love you!


  1. Key X says:

    me vote tấm hnh thứ 3, khng tnh hnh 2 ci bnh kem hen!!!kaka…sao khch so vậy? đưa you my bank account để you lấy “vật chất” để chứng minh “tnh củm” của mnh hen,,hohoh

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