December 31, 2007

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

….mac chung gi hom nay ngu khong duoc. Ngay cuoi cung cua 2007, ko muon no “end” chut nao. Ma cung ko hiu sao lai thay luyen tiec. Co le nam nay, nhan ra, hieu va thay duoc nhiu thu, ma cung hoc hoi duoc nhiu thu, va rut duoc mot it kinh nghiem.

…nam 2007, so dep nhi!!!! Dau nam thi co wa nhiu chuyen de lo, de buon, de that vong…nhung khi di hoc lai, thi moi thu co le thay doi nhiu. Song tot hon mot chut, vui ve hon mot chut, tu tin va co quyet tam hon mot chut. Hoc hanh cung do hon mot chut. Dac biet la co long tin hon mot chut cho viec hoc cua minh. Noi chung la “in control”.

…if someone says, they live without a belief, then they are such a foolish liar. Even if “a belief” is beyond reach or such a virtual subject, it’s still a belief. It’s just a simple thing that brings so much power to someone who barely stands up after a failure. It’s just a simple lift, but it’s strong enough to help pulling up a stumble soul. Thanks God, for giving me such a “lift”, such a simple, unreal thing. Sometimes, an unreal thing will come unexpectedly, we live with it, without expectation, and when we let go, we’re still ourselves, a true, old spirit. And thankz for coming into my life.

…tai sao, lai luyen tiec cai nam ma khoi dau khong suon se chut nao? De coi, hoc hanh thi co chut tien bo, mot chut thoi, cung ko co gi dang noi. Tinh yeu thi lai khong co, van “chieu mot minh tren pho”. Tinh ban thi cung vay, ko co gi dang noi. Gia dinh, mac du co chut lon xon, nhung khong dang ke. Tom lai thi moi thu cung khong co gi dac biet. Vay ma khong hiu sao lai khong muon no wa di. Lam nguoi ai cung co 1 su mau thuan wai’ la.

…hinh nhu, da danh mat 1 cai gi do, tu trong con nguoi minh. Khong tim lai duoc, ma cung khong muon tim lai, chi muon no qua di. Khong muon fai doi mat voi no nua, chi muon no la qua khu, chi muon no la 1 tuong lai hoan toan khac. Co nhiu khi, minh khong muon phan nan, than than trach phan, tai sao no lai xay den voi minh. Nhung neu lam vay thi bat cong qua. Cu de no den mot lan nua, cam nhan no mot lan nua, de biet duoc no la cai gi, roi no cung se chi la qua khu thoi. Da la qua khu thi se khong co tuong lai. Mot ngay nua thoi…

…New Year, don’t want to carry on with an old thing. Let me go, because i’m ready to let you go. I can only play the part that you’d always thought I was. Don’t, just don’t…hold back my hand and turn me around, because it’s hard for me to walk away. Set me free, because that’s the only way you can be happy. I put up my hands and surrender. I want to surrender because you are the winner. I have to surrender because I can not be a slave of my own thoughts anymore. Those thoughts have you.

…if you ever knew, I hope you also knew that I did not choose to make it happen, it just came…I did not mean to walk it through that way. I did not want to land it that place. I can not save what can not be remained. It can only be a new beginning or a sweet end. We make the choice.

…I LOVE YOU 2007, WITHOUT A VALID REASON, BECAUSE REASONS ARE COUNTLESS [1 of them is you, G211 (chut nua la quen “chi iu” cua tui roi)]


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