January 30, 2008

Posted: January 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

“..you might be intrudged by someone but should avoid relinguishing power to that person. Be discriminating in your relationships and place a high value on your own independence. A break from routine could be the best tonic”

im so sorry, so sorry for what happened…to you. I dont know how it got out of hand, and i dont understand why it had to be you, everytime.

3 days in a row, 3 mornings I kept seeing things that hurt so bad. i ripped my mind off, i tried to think, but i could not think anymore.

if they’re real…you seriously made the most terrible mistake in your life, and it was stupid, very stupid. You were young, and you made serious, stupid mistake. Understandably! This is what human do. They make mistake, they live with it, they evolve from it and they will just stand up and keep their life continuing on.

I’m sorry…to believe that, the person was you. I’m sorry because I couldn’t let myself be in denial anymore. Yes, i’ve seen them and the first thing that came across my mind at that moment was to pray that it was not you. I dont want to see you that way, you know.

But does it matter anymore?


I hope you will stand up strong and be stable on your feet to keep walking on, because you are reassured that you have supports from many ppl. We support you, I support you no matter what the result is, whether it’s real or fake. The matter is on the surface and that matter is what we, human do. It’s very natural. It’s just bad that the matter is on the wrong surface. I’m so sorry. But you got to stay strong, you know that!

BE STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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