February 13, 2008

Posted: February 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

has the sun been rising?


the sky’s still dull




that ray of light,

shining through a cloudy sky.


keep trying, keep shining,

one day,

the dull cloud will go away.


this morning, i’ve been out of hand. I should not be! But no more apology, no meaning! I didnt mean to rage! And I didnt rage because of the idolizing matter. I rage because of the right to judge, the right to criticize that every human being has. I rage because this world has turned into a mess. How many people see that, see themselves doing that?

it’s not my battle to fight, it’s not my problem to worry about. I can shake off every single thing i had and move on. But i cant. Why, because, i still care, care to see the world changing, care to see the differences, care to hope and care to believe again. Does anybody know what it means? Of course not, unfortunately! It would have been different if one single person knows what it means.

human is the cruelest creature of all time. Yes we are, admit it. We can create the world, we can destroy it. Apparently, that’s what we do everyday. It’s just the matter of time. Life is to be looked at on the surface, not in depth. Depth is dreadful. Depth holds the key to helplessness, hopelessness, lifelessness, tastelessness, carelessness, ignorance, negligence, selfishness…and the key is countless.

Human’s satisfaction is to ruin one another. They love to kill, they love to hate, they love laugh at somebody’s wounds and bruises. It’s human nature. It’s how the world is made of.

deal with it, face it. It’s how we live, ignore the depth, just live on the surface, until it’s eaten up, that’s when we’re free and released from this world.

face up,

dont be a fool again,

dont be blinded again,

dont be naive again,

dont let the world eat you,

live with your pride,

your dignity, your respect,

keep them strong,

keep them in you,

dont stray,

dont lose them,

one day, you will fly again!

  1. $$2H_Pro$$ says:

    Yes, maybe i know what u r talking about i guess so

    This world is beautiful but underneath the beauty, the darkness is still there. I think the light and darkness are always together. they can defeat each other. They r different category but also mutual category. So hard to understand. Right?

    We – Human Being must choose the right thing to do. Forget about it. She will get stronger and stronger through this incidence. Hope it will not last long and never happen again.

    blame the naivety the foolish. but i can accept it i can.
    support and love her more when some of Twins fans even her fans has abandoned.
    They are irresponsible. They’re nothing
    She will get the glory and fly again beside Ah Sa

    I hope i did not go so far to ur topic.
    Luv u too cuz u did not give up ur belief in her. And love all of her true fans.
    Nice day

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