it hurts…….

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

can you see…

what’s behind that smile?

pain, shame, endurance,

the tears that fell backward,

a stumble soul, trying to stand tall again.

can’t you see…?

how many people have such courage to deal with such thing? Are you one of them? Ask yourselves. Let yourselves be insulted that way for once, and tell me…how would you deal with it? I want to broaden my eyes. I want to see acts, I dont want to hear words. If you turn back and deny, you just prove you’re no better but worse. If you turn back and say “I wouldn’t do such stupidity.” I am so sorry, you dont even know how to tell what will happen tomorrow. You would not? I am sure YOU WOULD NOT, but you would do MORE than that stupidity. YOU NEVER KNOW, when you’re “high”, you WOULD DO EVERYTHING.

what about those younger generation? Will them not have brains? Or will their parents be so useless, not even know how to teach their kids? Dont contradict yourselves. What you do, is not controlled by somebody’s mistake. INFLUENCES? In that case, parents are real useless, because they CANT even teach their kids to differentiate between RIGHT and WRONG. What do parents do? Taking care of their kids, NOT going around and “taking care” of somebody’s business.

common, lets get our brains working probably. Everything in this world has its opposite self, let along human. Everything changes seasons after seasons. Then why on Earth cant we leave it to the nature? Give it a chance to change, give it a chance and give yourselves a chance to forgive and forget. Who in this damn world doesnt make mistake. We do have moments that we are totally off frame. What do we do? We would make up to it, try to change, avoid the repetition and MOVE ON. We DO, thats what we DO. Then why cant we give those who made mistakes have a chance that we once asked for? Why is it so HARD?

hypocrisy? betrayal? lies? We are all the same, remember, we’re all human, not animals, so ACT LIKE HUMAN. Nobody stands up and declare ” I am not hypocrite. I never betray and I never lie”. If you stand up and declare you are one, then you’re just deceiving your own little reality.

Alright, lets get to the point. Regarding, G never stood up and said “I am pure, I am innocent, I know nothing about sex, and I strongly against pre-marital sex. I have never had a boyfriend and please support me because I AM A REAL ROLE MODEL for “YOUNGER GENERATIONS” “. People, you deceive yourselves by imagining and creating your own G’s image in your brain. Now things turn bad, you turn around and pour the blame on her. REAL pathetic.

G, one lession for you to learn, DONT LOVE somebody too much, and DONT DO whatever they ask you to do, one day, the “good deed” will fly back and give you a damn bite.




waste money, call up and complain (goshhhh…get a life)

waste time to bash, to critize someone you hate

waste energy hiding in some dirty corner and posting somebody’s privacy.


  1. $$2H_Pro$$ says:

    u know wat. now every single acts of her in front of public will be analysed and critized.
    well in that show some silly ppl consider that she was unwelcome becuz just her sad smile.

    Maybe I know her feeling at that time. She was afraid of audience. So poor. She even couldn’t speak and Sa must state the continous phrase with her and her sound like trembling.

    Those ppl above are brainless, petty and selfish. They act like Gil has just murdered someone. oh my gosh can’t believe how Hongkongers can do such a stupid and childish thing like that. They just wanna end up her career and even want to split Twins up. Childish.

    Hope that Sa will consider it and i think she will not let Gil down. Hope so

    Time for us to keep supporting her and Sa. ignore those stupid ppl. Care wat it deserves and bright future is one of the goals
    and nice day

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