February 21, 2008

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

will this be the end?

it’s time to end.

G, give urself another chance to stand strong and walk through all these pains. Your fans know you CAN, and you WILL. Don’t stray, keep moving straight, don’t change, keep moving forward. There are thousand of humps on the way, but everytime you stumble, you’ll learn to stand up wiser. Just don’t stray, just be who you are. Let it vanish as a nightmare. Let the future be better. Keep faith, and touch your heart everytime you need a solution. You’ll find it there, strong and true. Keep up G and move on.

if somebody asks me again, i will say “yes, she is my idol”.



  1. $$2H_Pro$$ says:

    and if someone ask me, i will say she is my love my idol my proud hìhì
    I’m afraid another battle being created. Just my intuition. the battle between Ed’s statement and Gil’s statement. I feel that ppl are caring more and sympathy more about Ed’s statement. It’s not vague based on what those said. They also said that he is more brave to admit it. But as far as i know, Gil is female artist and this is sensitive for her to admit directly.
    But it seems like they dont care. I think she will soon have another interview with HK media to answer this clearlier or else she will be isolated more and more. However, for me her previous statement is enough but some HKers are very mean u know.

    Anyway, Forget it. I’m talking so far. hope she can be happier by ed’s apology

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