February 22, 2008

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Uncategorized



i feel so bad about the whole situation. I was the one who was so pissed about EDC not responding to the scandal, i used to hate him for that (sorry to EDC fans), but after his press conference yesterday, i kinda put him aside. I dont have sympathy for him, but i dont go around and critize or bash him. This is his responsibility to step out and respond to the situation. He doesnt have a choice to do otherwise. His decision to resign from the HK entertainment industry is all along his decision. If he has other choice to choose he would not choose to leave. AND this is all he has to say for his speech. I understand and respect him for his apologies. He’s a man, it’s easier for him to admit the photos directly, after all, he was the one who took those pix anyway. People really need to understand that.

But why would they drag Gillian into this, and started critizing her, bashing her? I bet, whatever she was going to say, would not satisfy the world and the haters. She has already stepped out and faced it, been humiliated, judged and complained, thats enough for a girl in this type of scandal. It’s not easy for a girl to step out after the whole scandal and directly admit to the photos. If she did so, i bet people would just give her more “names”. So why are there comparisons here and there? It’s not like she murdered someone and then came back to ask for forgiveness. It’s different, because she is the person who being hurt directly. Just sit down and put urself into her situation and you will understand.

to me, Gillian hasnt done anything wrong. The only mistake she made was taking those pictures. She didnt have to apologise. I never looked at her as this pure or that innocent, because i know, she does have a private life, and there are many things we dont know about her. It’s her personal privacy, as a fan, i respect that. I like her base on the things that i know about her, and things that i should know about her. As an artiste, she has the right to protect her privacy, but unfortunately it’s been violated, and thats how the “world” has a chance to “throw their rocks” to her. I also understand that, as an artiste she has responsibilities toward the public, that is she has to do the “right things”. Yes, that’s true, and she hasnt done anything wrong. Having sex is not wrong, taking pictures is not wrong if its not intentional for publishing. These things are very common nowaday, she was just living her life, as human.

As far as i remember she never admitted herself as a pure and innocent girl. She was just doing her job, and maybe those images of those movies or songs or whatever made ppl misunderstanding. But if you notice, her image has changed over the year.

to some people, this is a mistake that she shouldnt make. Yes, indeed, it is a BIG mistake, and she is paying the price now. It costs her a lot already. Her privacy, her dignity, that is enough. Just leave her alone, and stop this nonsense. AND people need to understand that her privacy has been violated, it’s PRIVACY we’re talking about. It’s not her intention for such thing to happen.



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