February 27, 2008

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized




the free will, cant carry on , easefully.


the guilt, holds back,



can i,

leave this world

with a smile




i cant.


this midst of the road,

doesnt have a certain path.


this intersection,

which direction?

where do i turn?

should i run?


what deed,

will come back

and bite me?


the opposite

seems so clear,

last year and

this year.


i miss you,

i should be the same. I need to be strong, to be the same. Can I?

i miss you,

hard work, and not giving up to shame.

i miss you…


there is time, the weakness eats me. The guilt haunts me. The fear beats me. The future stresses me. My life is beautiful. My life is fulfilled. I’m not happy. Damaged, i am. Ruined, i am.

why is it so hard to live a life, with everything that is needed? Get me out of here, maybe, i’ll learn to cherish. Life is just many lessons. Life is just an observation. Life is just an experiment. Get me out of here, maybe i’ll learn how to define appreciation.

Get me out of here!



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