March 03, 2008

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

today, my holiday officially ended. So many things happened, and none of my plans turned out right. Actually, i didnt really accomplish them the way i supposed to. Anywayz…lets just move on.

introductory lecture, i was quite freaked out. I’d already known how it’s gonna be like, this is my final year. I’d seen some of the works last year from my friends who did their final year and it was totally, completely…stressful. This promises a final deadly year im gonna be facing. God bless me.


it’s been quite sometime, and things seem to die down a little. However, those who were involved are having a completely harsh life. People just cant leave them alone. Sometimes the world is so cruel. Anywayz, the missing piece kinda haunts me a little bit. But this is a right time for a break, good break, a break for refreshing. The missing piece will be filled in when its ready to be back. Keep faith, keep believing and DON’T GIVE UP! Misscha!

  1. watermelon says:

    Well, dead year for u and for me too… so hard so hard i know

  2. Toi la says:

    Bi Bo,it’s a long time i havent seen you.It’s rather quiet in Sadec.Nobody to talk.Nobody to go out with me.Thinking of the time when you were here.So happy.No one can turn back the time.It’s going to be my marriage.Dont know how to express my feeling,so complicated.

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