March 07, 2008

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

i dont know, its just week 1 and i feel very frustrated with this whole studio thingy. My brain is completely off these days, and the stress hormone is raising high. I really need a check up.

where’s all this pressure come from? perhaps, this is the final year and yes JOB, it’s the “job” problem. People keep stressing that i should find a job before i graduate, but they never stressed HOW i could find a job. Really, that is the most thing i want right at this moment. But the point is, i can not find any job. Should i say their suggestions helping me or stressing me? This is suck. Sometimes, i need something more than just a suggestion, a little encouragement and support maybe, or inspiration and motivation.

  1. watermelon says:

    Well u know the whole job thingi is very very stressful i know, we all are, we all worry about getting a job, but i think it’s more important to concentrate on what ur doing right now, rather than worrying about things that u can’t do, like say its hard for u to get a job now. whatever ppl say just listen to it and then if u dont like it, chuck it away… hope u’ll stay focus man. cheersssss

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