loving, breathing, fighting, crying, cheating, kissing…live and love

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

i totally love the show. It makes a really good sense there in regard of real life ups and downs, goods and bads, how people deal with each other, how the sweetest can turn to the sourest, how love turns to hatre and hatre turns to love. It makes real sense about the reality and the possibility of everything. The voice of one’s inner truth, the love thats hidden, the mistake thats well learnt. Its exactly what goes around, comes around.

i especially love the hidden message within the hearts of the two fave characters. They ride around the circle to finally figure out they share the same values, they hate the same person and they love each other so much. They have always found the missing piece of themselves within each other. It’s not only found but it’s always there, and they always share it. A real thing can actually takes a lot of time. Apart from all the dramas that every show has, this show contains fairly reasonable dramas and it’s quite straight forward. It’s rare and it’s special, just special to those who dont think it’s awkward or still a big issues.


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