March 27, 2008

Posted: March 26, 2008 in Uncategorized


first of all…Happy Brithday Rua, it was yesterday but my internet was down so i didnt have a chance to post this up. Wish everything good would come your way this year. Success, health, happiness and luck will be your long life friends. keep smiling, cos its when you look best. hehe. I miss you. Cheerz


wow 3.50pm…guess i’ve done with the research. So many things to look up for, and im not gonna make it too broad. One week holiday is just like one hour holiday. Can time fly any faster? Everything’s still messy and on top of each other, i dont know where to drag them down and reorganise them. But who cares…just flow with it.

there’s some good news about G, i dont know whether or not they’re true. Too much exaggeration lately, too much shits going on, so it’s hard to find an accurate news. If HLW is the next destination, please make sure you dont lose yourself to it. What i mean is that, just take things slowly. One big step wont give you a big break through, unless it’s a very big, reasonable step without the gasp. Please do something that you think you’re capable of and something that you want to challenge or feel comfortable to do. Dont do it to get out of a shit hole, that can possibly back fire. You need patience and you need to be careful of every of your act. The whole crappy thing’s still fresh, so take it slow and be well prepared. You can do it. C surely misses you alot, so come back soon G.



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