April 19, 2008

Posted: April 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

it’s like…it’s not in my head…

no, i just try not to take it in

i just try to not over state it

i just try to not over…

i am worn out
within every single grain of cells
i am sorry
for what happened

life is a bitch,

isnt it?

what happened, what’s gonna happen…

we dont know

and guess what…

we just have to deal with it…

when the bitch comes…


the damn bitch goes away.

i know…
you can beat that “bitch”, hard
you just can
and you will
beat it…

let go,

how about feel it

for awhile…

let it eat you

for a while

revolve with it

for a while…

then breathe it out,


im glad to see you worry
at least,
you proved yourself…human…
everything will be ALRIGHT,
my friend.


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