April 21, 2008

Posted: April 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

i dont remember how long ago…

somebody just wonder where and when…

i wonder why…!!!!!

it hasnt been easy



i miss that kind of motivation so much

i miss the way i was pushed

i miss the feeling of walking down the street…

thinking how amazing it happened to me

i miss the way i was inspired

i miss the music in my ears

i miss the passion it was giving me

i miss those days, those readings, those posts, those fictions

i miss those pictures

i miss the happiness in those eyes

i miss those smiles, the face

i miss the eagerness

just to get a cd

i miss every morning with breakfast and MVs

i miss those laughs from those silliness

i miss the encouragement

invisibly existed

i miss that determination

when i look up the wall

i miss the spirit

within that wall


i miss you.

it must’ve been craze

but it’s been real.


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