Posted: May 31, 2008 in Uncategorized
going in……..
get out of my way, boyssssssss
look at that, awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! We can have lunch and a cup of coffe in the library now, yo…!!!!!
i got ur back Christie, no harm ok…lolz
Photobucket Photobucket
measuring the installation site.
Christie: we just had to do it, we just had to…n we rock!!!!! (ROFL)
Photobucket Photobucket
how the Sci-Tech library looks? Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee, just like a cafeteria. Im gonna be around. Go and retire Fisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…visited the constructed site a few weeks ago for the project installation and forgot to bring the dig cam, ended with the mob cam, i just wanted to kill myself right at that moment, thats the reason why the fotos are so shit.
The place was such a mess, obviously becos the building has not been finished. But things were getting into places. The entire place was huge. It’ll be opened on mid June or July. DECO people were so excited with the helmet, we looked rock in red, didnt we? Christttttttt!!!!!!!!!! We looked more like we were in a track work “mission”. DECO always has interesting surprises, im so glad to be a part, goshhh!!!!!!. Dont take it as a sarcasm, becos im deadly serious!
were we the first that’s been to the Sci-Tech lib hoho???
GO DECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont know what it means to be sympathetic anymore. Guess i’ve just met a new friend, apathy. Recently we got on with each other pretty well. Damn, so paranoid. Anywayz, i dont give a shit.
it was a frustrated Friday morning, with so many things on mind. Got up early, went to Photography, thought i’d smash everything up that day. But fortunately, i did not. I thought, it’d be so awkward if i turned and walked away, kept my silience. So i decided to keep it normal. Turned out alright, even though it did began very awkwardly. I dont know, guess, things just happened all of a sudden, and something else couldn’t be able to adapt. I breathed it out, and threw away the damn thought. Surprisingly, it ended up so funny. I laughed my head off Friday afternoon. Fuck it. Things just come and go as they please, so unpredictable. I hate unpredictable things. But anyways, all thankz to the $150 FREE printing credit, i had some very nice posters, already up on my walls. Such a honor to be ROCK. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give me a bit of time, to figure my head out. I could see the laughter wasnt from any insanity. So it’s a good thing. I just adored the moment, thats all. And by the way, i didnt do all that for a purpose, i did them becos, it’s who i am. Some people think, they need to repay, that made them so dry.
Enough of the shit. Just got 35 photographic papers at Foto Reisel today for $30, guess what, it means no need to go to VanBar, dont even know where the hell it is. Thankz Goodness, Reisel’s saved me. DECO is ripping me off, wonder why i still feel so pleased. Probably becos i love it so much, or……i have no sense of living anymore. Probably becos i love it!!! Let take it that way.

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