July 07, 2008

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Family week,
…been out since last Sunday, mostly staying at Dì Út house. Dì Sáu Came to visit from Brisbane with Dượng Sáu, Chị Trâm and her family. It was such a great week, went to shoppong almost everyday, from City to Parramatta. My aunties bought a lot of stuffs but most of them was for my uncles lol. That was the funny part.

i enjoyed everyday of it, it has been such a long time since the family have such opportunity to spend time together like this. Mum and mấy Dì were very happy when Dì Sáu came to Sydney. It’s been 2 years i think, since the last time she visited us. This time Chị Trâm family also joined the trip. They actually went to Snowy Mountain before coming to Sydney. So it was a long trip for them.

From last Sunday to Thursday, we mostly went out, then came back to Dì Út house and had dinner. Delicious foods, goshhhhh!!!!!!!!! On Friday, we had this party, and the whole big family gathered at Dì Tám house. SO many people! Such a busy day. Saturday, we went to this concert of the Vietnamese community. It was, to be honest boring. I went because everyone was going, all of my aunties and uncles and cousins…so i just joined the fun, especially Mum went as well.

Dì Sáu’s family came back to Brisbane on Sunday. After all, this whole week was one of the rare time that I really enjoyed. The good thing was, nothing tremendous happened this time. The last few years when Dì Sáu came to Sydney, there was always some little fight here and there, but this time, NONE. So it was completely joyful and yes, precious.

I love sitting down and listenning to the old stories that Mum and mấy Dì telling about the family. Very interesting, just like to observe the change through words before and now and learn the history of the family. I feel very happy when everyone united as one big family. Everyone was so happy and enthusiatic to make plans and join the fun. Thats the spirit. Well, now i wish i could go to Brisbane one day, hopefully its gonna be just great.

Some photos

city on tuesday – Mợ Năm, Dì Tám, Mợ Tư, Mom, Dì Sáu and Dì Út.


Thái đang đứng ngắm mặt trời
Anh Bằng chụp hình cho Thái Photobucket
Thiện làm người mẫu hehe Photobucket
Dì Tám, chị Trâm, Thái, Dì Sáu, Cậu Năm, chị Loan, chị Lin, An and Daddy Photobucket
Thái bị Yến rượt lol (Yến nhìn cao bồi ghê, hôg bít lượm đâu được cái nón đội lên vậy nữa hehe, nhìn thấy ghét chưa…lol)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
rượt vòng vòng, cuối cùng cũng bắt được để đội cái nón…nhìn 2 đứa cười muốn lộn ruột…
Yến and An
Bé An – cái bà nhỏ, nhí nha nhí nhảnh, kêu mình lấy mấy chụp cho bả mới ghê chứ… Photobucket Photobucket
Thiện (con chị Trâm) – khỉ khọt vậy đó, he is so friendly and smart, such a bright kid Photobucket Photobucket
Thái (con chị Trâm) – he is so cute and “dữ” lol, he loves fruits, ăn trái cây từ sáng tới chiều… 🙂 Photobucket Photobucket

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