July 08, 2008

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

you categorise it whatever you want…it’s just one of the names…it’s meaningless…

what’s there to expect? a favour in return? What’s there to expect? To care? To understand? To be there? “If you do this for me, I will do that for you?” Dont you think you are so lame?

If I loose the string, you will let it go? Guess, you already did.

it’s not a condition. It shouldn’t have any expectation. It isn’t a rule. There’s no need to be repayment. It’s not an object, to sell, to buy. It is priceless.

it’s not lies. It’s not manipulation. What’s there to be aware of when you categorised it as good, close or even best? Do you really know what you said? Or you just said it when you’re pleased?

you just tried to play your part. Have you ever learnt what exactly your part was?

Only a little thing but enough to prove how much it’s all worth. Only a little thing. This little thing from you breaks everything between us. It always started and ended by a little thing, didnt it? Only a little thing.

I bet you still dont know the meaning of it. It’s the way you always are.

I have no more energy, and i feel really sick knowing a little thing brought everything down to nothing.


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