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Posted: July 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

…something thats worth reading


“They kept telling me not to look at what other people are saying because I will definitely see some nasty words, but I have to know. Even if some of their words hurt painfully, I’d rather that I can see it at home, and keep my sadness to myself. It is anyhow better than finding out after I step out of my house. At the very least, I’ll be prepared.”

“I was online again today, and again, I saw people saying on the internet that I shouldn’t return to the stage anymore. They claimed that I will only drag Charlene down that way. Other people told me to go film adult videos, and they said that only filming porn is suitable for me… (She stayed silent for about twenty seconds.) You don’t have to take responsibility on words stated on the internet, so people are extra harsh in what they say. I also understand that as there are people supporting me, naturally there’ll be people disliking me. Thus, when even nastier words are spoken, it is useless for me to feel bad about it. This issue has caused a lot of damage. Even if time passes by, people won’t forget about it. The only thing I can do is to not think about it so often, and make myself feel a little better.”

she has already heard the nasties, read the rudeness and faced the world with shame…but she’s been brave enough to swallow this sin and move on…let her move on, everyone deserve a second chance.


“I was so afraid when I had to give my speech. At that time, I really thought that I should wait for him to come out and respond first. Was I expected to come out and admit to it? What was I supposed to say? Helplessly, he didn’t step out. Moreover, I am a member of a group. I have to be concerned about Charlene first. I can’t drag her down, making it so that she has to avoid the media as well, and affecting her career. Therefore, no matter how scared I was, in the end, I became the first person to come and respond to the public.”

“I failed her.”

“During this time, my colleagues and Charlene have helped the most, especially Charlene. She has taken quite a bit of my burden. I know that it’s very hard for her. No matter what happens, people keep making her respond. Not only does she have to face up to her own pressures, she is also afraid that she’ll make things worse for me if she gives a wrong answer. She also has to sing alone on stage. Everything adds up to her fears. I have truly failed her. Every time I apologize to her, she ironically consoles me instead. She told me to never say such silly things… I only want this to go into the past.”

“When we first came into the showbiz, the people around us would always say that I was better than her, or that she beats me here. There are always people trying to set us against each other, so we were a little distant first. We didn’t know if we could trust each other, especially when Charlene came into the showbiz before I did, so people knew who she was, but they didn’t know who I was. With all the comparisons, pressure comes along. When we were collaborating, even when if we had problems, we didn’t want to argue about it like little kids, so we’d rather keep it to ourselves because we were afraid that we’d offend each other if we said anything. If we weren’t happy with each other, then the duo would be broken, so we stayed silent until three years after our debut, Charlene, another colleague, and I went for a vacation in Taiwan, and we started spilling our hearts out to each other.”

From that day on, the two frankly spoke of what they thought. Gillian had even encouraged her partner, who at the time had the thought of leaving the showbiz, to continue on no matter what.

“I never thought of leaving, and we’ve worked so hard for such a long time. We were finally seeing the results, so there was no reason for us to waste the hard work that we had done, so I told her to keep her spirits up. I can really take laborious things; if not, I wouldn’t have such a great passion for action films.”

From that day that she was supporting Charlene, today, their identities have been reversed, so that it is now Charlene’s whole-hearted support. This fate, again taught Gillian to have another ounce of energy to stand up again after she tumbles.

“Our Love of Six Years” had a lyric that said, “This kind of no abandoning defeats the skies and grounds, and I am willing to be you instead.” Today, the two finally put this line to truth.

…the real face of friendship will show when hardship come. I admire whatever I read above. It’s a fortune to have such friendship. This is something outside my world, I dont encounter it with my own eyes…but i believe that it’s true. It’s pretty a spiritual thing. Don’t ask, don’t judge and don’t be lame.

Friendship is to frank with honesty. To learn to accept the weaknesses. To encourage to support. To know when to yell and when to give a tight hug.

Friendship is not about fun, its not just a few laughs. It’s not about benefit. It’s not silence. It’s not a word to be defined as this and that. It’d be so inappropriate and irresponsible to say things that barely last.

I dont understand the meaning of friendship, but at least I still try to get to know it along the way. Unlike someone who think they understand it, but wonder why they’re just so lame at it.


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