Entry for September 30, 2008

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

ok, a little re-cap from wat happened this September. If September comes without a birthday, then there’s something big missing, hehe. It’s one of the rare months…

a small “warm” BBQ for Tam. She loved the cake Phuong and she liked my present. Thats all it counts. (Despite a big present from her bf lol). By the way, wish there would be a real ride from me one day for you Tam 🙂


yea i know, we rock hahaha

you two are gorgeous

there, there, im in the middle again…damn…not intentionally ok…

Second of all, missy “chanh” 21st is today. Oh my God, how long will it take you to catch me up Thuy, sad…!?!?! haha. Oh well, even though, the person you wish to be with on your birthday is not here, however, you got such a good friend like me to hang around with you all day, so…how lucky you are… hohoho.

Just kidding mate, glad you had fun…and glad you liked my present too…hehe…

ohhh…world peace…(before the eating battle started ^^)

yah…hold tight to my present… lol

when the sun was shining…ohhh…how cute… hahaha

when we were ready…*chap chap chap*…before…

…and after…tan du cua mot cuoc chien

and this is the great great “General” that brought back the great great “Victory” hoho

when we are the “Eating WarLords”…Chocolate battle 😉

…next time…before taking my picture…give me a signal Thuy, hehe…

looks like…its my birthday eh…

  1. ►LiEn◄ says:

    oh hinh nhu day la lan dau thay Thu deo kieng?? Thu bi can bao gio vay? hoi xua dau co thay deo dau ta??

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