BBQ at Bicentennial park

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Carol L and Cath.
…had so much fun today. It has been such a long time I havent been with the group. Especially Monz Monz, havent seen her for like 2 years. Gosh..!! But everything didnt change much. She’s still so funny, just like the old days, so much just like the old days. We made each other laugh the same old ways LOL.

Josh preapared all the food and even baked the cake. What a sweet guy, Sumei is so lucky :D. It was raining a bit, but despite the rain we couldnt stop the laugh. Pictionary was awesome. (what the hell Cath, nobody could possibly figure your fabulous drawing out as a photocopier ROFL!)

The day was awesome, havent had so much fun with MRS for so long. Hope we can do that more often guys.

Birthday cake baked by Josh


Group photo


me with the 2 birthday girls (carol l, cath)


me with cath and carol l and carol s


the hood girls..yahhhhhh


with Monica (aka Monz Monz) kaka..long time no see..had to take extra pix 😉


  1. ThanhPhan says:

    hi`nh dep ma`y, dao nay xinh gai qua nghen, quen VN roi ha? chung nao ve ba` bo` bo^ng ^_^

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